About Johnson Electronics

Johnson Electronics was founded as Johnson Radio & Electronics in 1941 by Mel Johnson in the downtown area of Salinas. The business at that time consisted of the sales and service of radios, record players and records. Several years later with the advent of television, sales and service of television was added.

In 1948 Johnson’s branched out – the sales, installation and servicing of intercom and fire alarm systems were added to the business.
Mel Johnson- Technical support in Salinas, CA
In 1952 Mr. Johnson sold off the retail sales of the business, concentrated on the servicing of radio and television, and started to develop more commercial systems such as sound, paging, intercom, nurse call, community antenna television systems, security, fire alarm systems, and school systems.
During the 50’s, Johnson assisted in the erection of the first cable television systems in the City of Salinas and in the City of Seaside.

In 1984 Dick Johnson (2nd Generation) entered into the business with a passion for developing the telecommunications and data market. With the commencing of cellular service by GTE Mobil net, Johnson was the first marketer of Mobil net service.
Upon the death of Mel Johnson in 1989, Dick Johnson streamlined the business by dropping cellular as well as radio and television service.

During the 90’s the business grew over 500% and Bryan Johnson (3rd Generation) became active with the business.
Today, Johnson Electronics is a leader in the installation of fire alarm systems, telecommunications, fiber optics, commercial sound, school systems, CATV, integrated systems, data networking, closed circuit television, security, and audio-visual systems. All of our technicians, sales engineers, and project managers are certified in specialty areas by National and/or State organizations.
Johnson Electronics is licensed by the state of California as a C-7 (Low Voltage Systems) and C-10 (General Electrical), license number 850025.